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Week 2: Getting Fresh Faced with Frida Kahlo

frida-kahloGet some color back into our sketchbooks (and these cold grey days) with some inspiration from the fabulous Frida Kahlo.  Grab your favorite accessories (and/or a furry friend or houseplant!) and your oil pastels and create a colorful self-portrait.  What are oil pastels? They are the happy medium between drawing and painting- works like a crayon, but the color intensity and creaminess of paint.  Feel free to exaggerate the color, your features, or the setting to enhance the “Frida-ness” of your self-portrait!


All oil pastels are 15% off our everyday price! We have some great inexpensive sets from Craypas Expressionist or get real fancy with the giant Sennelier oil pastels (including the beautiful iridescent and metallic colors).  Or get some fine lines for detail with the Holbien square oil pastels.


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