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Week 7: What’s your POP preference?

No, we are not talking about soda pop, but Pop Art!  Choose your favorite brand or icon- art supply, celebrity, or soda- and render it bright in one of the stylings of pop artists Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein.  Both of these artists used bright colors, black outlines and graphic details to create their work inspired by POP-ular culture brands, icons, and comics.  Try your hand at a repeated image with bright, colored backgrounds or draw it like a comic book. Note the use of primary and complementary colors in their vibrant works and try limiting your palette to a few colors and black.

On sale this week at Wet Paint is one of our favorite paints: Holbein Acryla Gouache at 35% off MSRP!  It is super versatile and can be applied on paper and panels. Fine tune your pop image with black lines created with the ever-POP-ular Pentel Pocket Brush Pen at 15% off MSRP!

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