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WP Weekly Workout- Week 6: Panorama with PanPastels


Claude Monet’s Nightfall

Take a stroll, look out the window, and paint the town!   Using the gorgeous Claude Monet pastel painting as inspiration, build, blend, and form your surroundings with smooth chalk pastels.  Don’t think of this workout like a drawing exercise, but a chance to blend color and build layers as a painter would.   We suggest using PanPastels because they take the mess out of traditional chalk pastels by putting it in a convenient cake format.  It truly feels more like painting than drawing since you are using your fingers, paper towel, or the handy Sofft Tool applicators.  Blank white page jitters? Try toning down the paper first with a light application of a neutral color (or your favorite color) using a large Sofft art sponge.

The PanPastel colors are brilliant, clean and blend beautifully. Each pan contains 40% more color than an average stick pastel, and without the waste from chalk dust and crumbling sticks there’s even more product for you to use! Try these with the Sofft Tools and you’ll never look at chalk pastels the same again!  Right now at Wet Paint, you can get the PanPastel sets for 15% off our everyday price and individual colors are buy 2, get 1 FREE!  Click here to see all our PanPastels!


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