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Week 3: Joan Mitchell Mash Up!

Joan-Mitchell-1987-UntitledThis week we want you to dip into abstraction taking inspiration from the abstract expressionist painter, Joan Mitchell. Looking at her body of work, there is a clear thought process and method to these paintings, so if you feel it is helpful, paint multiple spreads and pages and share your favorite (a double page spread would look fabulous with this workout). Some people find abstraction difficult.  When approaching this workout, we suggest starting by making bold marks with your acrylic ink.  Then smash your sketchbook closed to make the mirrored blot as your foundation shape.  Add as many layers or colors of ink as you would like- dribble, drip, or flick your ink for added movement.  When the fluid ink is dry,  go in with a brush or paint marker to add more linework or color into your composition.  It may be helpful to look at more of her amazing color work before you begin.

Joan-Mitchell-1992-UntitledThis week at Wet Paint we have Daler Rowney’s FW Acrylic Ink at 25% off MSRP and Golden Acrylic’s new High Flow at 30% off MSRP! Montana and Molotow paint markers are already 15% off our everyday price for our Make Your Mark Sale, so you can get all the color you need for your Mitchell Mash Up!

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Fluorescent Colors

neon 006

Justin outside brightening up a grey March day

It seems like not too long ago fluorescent colors were a big no-no in the art world and art materials industry.  There was no way you could make those colors be eye-popping and archival at the same time.  But now, the concern over light-fastness seems to have been beat out by the popularity of hot fluorescents.  Nearly every country participating in this year’s Winter Olympics donned fluorescent accented gear. In these grey days of the never ending winter, joggers along Summit Avenue light up my day not just with their athletic determination to weather the weather, but their fuchsia and chartreuse shoes, mittens and ear warmers.  It seems that there is life out there and it isn’t all bleak.

neon 003

With the need for some sun scorching color, let’s throw archival concerns into its own corner for the moment.  Let’s embrace Golden’s High Flow Acrylics in fluorescents (duly noted “Lightfastness Poor” on the label), and Sakura’s new Gelly Roll Moonlight fine point pens, and Faber Castell’s soon to be released fluorescent Pitt Pens and Speedball’s new fluorescent & Night Glo screen and block printing inks.  And let’s not forget the fluorescent paint markers from Montana and Molotow, the neon Sharpies and the Bistro Chalk Ink markers as well as the UV-reactive, professional grade, Irojiten colored pencils from Tombow.  With all these neon marks, we could generate enough heat to melt this ice jam and have art spring us into the next season.

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Winter Thaw at Wet Paint

bcutts11Mother Nature has given us a nasty New Year’s gift of sub-zero weather. It is over and we do hope you get out of the house and studio and come and see us at Wet Paint. We will be heating it up more than usual this Saturday (Jan 11th from 11am-2pm) with our friend Bonnie Cutts. Bonnie is our regional working artist for Golden Artist Colors and she can raise the temp on your artistic flow through her creativity, enthusiasm and product knowledge. Bonnie will demonstrate Golden Artist’s Colors newest product line, High Flow Acrylics.


Beth’s doodle with High Flow in a paint marker (yes, that is Bonnie’s picture)

Golden looks at how artists use paint today and formulate their lines to better meet their demands. They took a limited market product in their airbrush color and transformed it into High Flow so it can be used with airbrush, empty paint markers, technical pens, as well as your more traditional painting tools.

If you’re a seasoned Golden Artist Color enthusiast, you probably wonder what the difference is between High Flow and Fluid. Bonnie will not just answer that question but let you test the product side by side along with its application to different acrylic grounds.

Darin, Wet Paint’s General Manager, considers Golden’ s High Flow to be one of the hot products of 2013. I just loaded an empty paint marker with some High Flow and it’s quite a bit of drawing fun.

Get those artist juices flowing again.