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Summer Session Art Date 6: Paint your Picnic

Seurat-Pic0001.jpg_4As our Summer Session comes to a close we thought we would encourage you and your sketchbook to go on a picnic!  Find a spot on the grass, put out a blanket (or not) and sketch your scene.  Are there some nearby Frisbee players?  Is there a beautiful view of trees or flowers from where you’re sitting? Or perhaps your lunch looks like an appetizing subject?  Whatever you choose, try to fill the entire page with your scene taking inspiration from George Seurat’s masterpiece, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (no pointillism required!).   For this Art Date, we suggest using gouache paints to layer bold color in your painting.

For the next two weeks, take advantage of 40% off MSRP on M. Graham Gouache!  This paint formulation uses high concentration of pigments to create the opaque color, rather than adding white or other opacifiers, so you know that this will be intense, clean color on the palette and in your painting.

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