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Week 10: Fresh Fruit with Janet Fish

cartwheel-2000Going grocery shopping this week? Pick up some produce that inspires color and composition, like the amazing still life pictures created by Janet Fish.  Arrange your subject in a pleasing light- notice the use of natural light in her work, and be sure to try this workout during the daylight. Place your subject in a colorful bowl, or get items with colorful packaging and just draw the plastic. We suggest using Conte crayons, a classic drawing medium that has a smooth feel like an oil pastel, but blends like a chalk pastel (minus the mess!).  Be bold with your color selection and blending. And once you’re done, enjoy a lovely fruit salad!

fish_peachesConte crayons are available in lots of colors – not just the sanguine and black from life drawing lessons! Right now, when you buy 3 or more individual sticks at Wet Paint they are only $1.66 each!  It’s a great time to try all of your favorite colors.

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