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Only at Wet Paint: Black Velvet Custom Brush Set

This holiday season we are featuring some of the unique, creative supplies that are regionally, or nationally, exclusive to Wet Paint. These items are great gift ideas that you will not find anywhere else. 

wp3304sFor the watercolorist,  we’ve partnered with Silver Brush to bring you a new, custom Black Velvet brush set…amazing capillary action meets unbelievable control to produce one of our favorite brushes. The versatile Black Velvet is unique to any other brush on the market; they hold an enormous amount of water, yet release it with excellent control. This Wet Paint exclusive set will allow you to experience the brush that we – and well-known artists the world over – feel is an indispensable tool for the watercolorist.

Wet Paint staffer, Liz (pictured above), chose the 4 brushes in this set:

“These brushes were selected with all purpose painting in mind – the Round 6 for detail, the Small Jumbo Round for filling in larger areas, the Flat 1/2 for crisp edges, and the Dagger Striper for loose expressive lettering marks.”



Week 5: Kolor Kaleidoscope with Lee Krasner

lee_krasner2This week, let’s play with masking fluid (resist) and watercolor and take some inspiration from these lovely Lee Krasner paintings.  Notice the graphic white lines and bold color choices in these abstract pieces. There’s a new product on the market that makes using masking fluid easy-peasy, the new Molotow Masking Pen (that we are lovin’!).  These pens are available in 2 sizes and are refillable!  Start drawing with the masking pen – a pattern or a graphic motif (like Lee does) or just doodle whatever is in your noodle- and paint bold rich colors over the page (maybe get a big brush). When the paint has dried, use your finger or a soft eraser to lift the masking away to reveal the lovely white of your page(s).

jm-aa_08_05This week at Wet Paint all Molotow Masking Pens are 15% off our everyday price and all Holbein Watercolors in open stock are 25% off MSRP!  Plus, we have a set of 12 Holbein watercolors at a super bargain price of $35.00 (MSRP $79.00)! And, if you are in need of a big brush, our favorite is the Black Velvet by Silver Brush.

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