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Big News from Wet Paint

As Wet Paint enters its 41st year on Grand Avenue in Saint Paul owner Beth Bergman is excited to announce her retirement at the end of 2016. Long-time employees Darin Rinne and Scott Fares will become the new proprietors. After 33 years provisioning artists in the Twin Cities and across the country Beth intends to move to the other side of the counter and focus on making art herself.

Wet Paint is renowned for its excellent selection of over 35,000 high quality art supplies and papers and the knowledgeable staff that supports artists of all levels of intention. Located at the corner of Grand and Cambridge, Wet Paint has grown from a small storefront serving local students into a nationally and internationally recognized center for quality and expertise. In 2015 the store expanded to increase the framing department and add space dedicated to classes for kids and adults on everything from origami and printmaking to watercolor techniques and mat cutting.  Bergman and Wet Paint are both well known for their support of the arts, artists, and independent business, a distinction that will continue under Darin and Scott’s direction.

For questions please contact Scott Fares or Darin Rinne at 651 698 6431. Email: darin@wetpaintart.com, scott@wetpaintart.com.

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Wet Paint Staff Pick of the Day: Fabriano Ecoqua

We have such a wide and ever-expanding selection of journals/notebooks/pads at Wet Paint, we thought it would be fun to feature some of our staff favorites. Stay tuned to find out more about what we stock and maybe find a new favorite for yourself!

Today’s staff pick comes from the owner of Wet Paint, Beth: Fabriano Ecoqua Pocket Journal

“I have found small notebooks to be life savers.  I keep one with all my computer cheat sheets.  I keep another that are just my ongoing “to do” list and “follow up” lists.  These little notebooks fit into a hip pocket easily.  When I want to remember something, I just write it down rather than trying to keep a running list in my head.  It is part of my mindfulness training, less multi-tasking, more thoughtfulness of just doing one thing.  The little books are tactile and its way more interesting to use a nice pen or pencil than type into a phone.”

Fabriano Ecoqua Pocket Journal

These sweet little 3.5″ x 5.5″ minimalist notebooks – grouped economically in 4 packs of warm or cool colored covers – are convenient go-to journals that you’ll want to stash in every bag. EcoQua pads are perfect for writing and drafting with pencil, ballpoint pens, fountain pens, and marker pens. Made in Italy of Environmentally-friendly, FSC certified paper that’s Chlorine-free, acid-free, and completely recyclable. Choose from blank or dotted paper. Click here to see our selection of Ecoqua!