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Verra’ Paper Picks of the Week: Rives de Lin & Cavallini

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Rives de Lin

Ever get bored using the same paper over and over? Well, now during the “Make Your Mark Sale,” we have a super paper deal on Rives de Lin: only $4.99 a sheet ($11.99 MSRP)! This beautiful off- white paper is not your run-of-the-mill Rives…you would swear it’s a handmade sheet.  Rives de Lin is 23.5×31.5,” 300gr. and features a lovely, distinctive texture that results from its production, as well as its  85% cotton and 15% linen content. Rives de Lin is great for all kinds of drawing and dry media, and – like its cousin Rives BFK –  good for printmaking, too.

The Make Your Mark Sale is from March 1st thru April 30th, 2017



I have always thought any of our papers could be used as artwork for your walls, but did you ever think that someone would create a line of paper for just that purpose? Italian Cavallini paper is just that, and the entire collection (of over 50 patterns!) is really fun! The images look like old timey illustrations from back in the day…reproductions of anatomy lessons, alphabets, bird illustrations, and maps- just to name a few. The sheets are 20×28″ in size and have a lovely laid finish. I recently had a customer cut one of the alphabet sheets for a quick and fun batch of flash cards to teach her grandson the ABC’s.

verrapaperblogMy name is Verra Blough, and I have been the Paper Department Manager at Wet Paint for 25 amazing years.  Wet Paint stocks over 20,000 individual sheets and 2,000 unique styles of paper, including papers from all over the world: China, Canada, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Nepal, Philippines, Portugal, Thailand, and the USA.  We have some locally made ones, too!

Whether you’re looking for a surface for drawing, painting or printmaking, or a decorative sheet for bookbinding, invitations, or collage, I have the good fortune of seeing all of them and working with many of them…it would be my pleasure to help you find the perfect paper for your project.   With that in mind, I will be  blogging about paper each week, highlighting some of my favorites, as well as some helpful hints.  Let’s get started in exploring paper!

Author: KristinaFjellman

Kristina has worked at Wet Paint for over 10 years and is the current Marketing Manager. She is also an artist, performer, teacher, and generally regarded as a nice person.

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