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Only at Wet Paint: Fabriano Ingres & Cretacolor Drawing Materials Set

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This holiday season we are featuring some of the unique, creative supplies that are regionally, or nationally, exclusive to Wet Paint. These items are great gift ideas that you will not find anywhere else.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful drawing paper named after a famous French artist. This laid-grain paper was almost handmade and available in beautiful colors, including black. Unfortunately, the cruel wind of modern times dictated that the black paper could not be made anymore, and the paper quietly retired.  The Holidays are indeed full of happy and sad tales.

And then…joyous news: our importer found an old stock of Ingres Black mould-made paper at the Fabriano mill in Italy, and thought it would be fantastic to offer it during the Holidays.  We at Wet Paint thought it would be even more fantastic to create an exclusive, custom combination pairing the Ingres Black pad with a pack of three toned Cretacolor Sketching Pencils that would be perfect for classically inspired marks on a dark surface. This is not your usual sketching set, and quantities are extremely limited.

So as not to leave out fans of traditional black-marks-on-white-paper sketching, Wet Paint also developed another custom combination pairing a White Ingres pad with Cretacolor’s new Nero “Deep Black” Pocket Tin which contains our favorite dense, oil-based pencils & sticks.  Floor manager, Greg Graham (pictured above), had this to say about the Cretacolor Nero pencils: “Draws like graphite without the silvery sheen: has a smoky black finish like charcoal without the smudgy-ness.  Results in rich, velvety blacks.”  I’ll have what he’s having!

Author: KristinaFjellman

Kristina has worked at Wet Paint for over 10 years and is the current Marketing Manager. She is also an artist, performer, teacher, and generally regarded as a nice person.

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