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Wet Paint Staff Pick of the Day: Strathmore Learn to Draw Animals

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We have such a wide and ever-expanding selection of journals/notebooks/pads at Wet Paint, we thought it would be fun to feature some of our staff favorites. Stay tuned to find out more about what we stock and maybe find a new favorite for yourself!

Today’s staff pick comes from Virginia: Strathmore Learn to Draw Animals

“Strathmore’s New Learn to Draw Instructional pads offer a pad and a class all in one. This spiral pad series combines high quality acid free Strathmore paper with Christopher Hart’s How-To-Draw techniques. This is ideal for beginning artists of all ages who want to learn to draw Animals, Cartoons or Manga.  Each page is laid out with the simple step-by-step mainly pictorial instruction at the top with ample room to follow along right below. The pads  also contain a couple of pages of general drawing concepts and techniques and numerous extra sheets to practice on. You can work at your own pace and many of the lessons have an accompanying Video tutorial on Strathmore’s website. It would make a great gift combined with a set of drawing pencils for the budding young artist or the coloring book enthusiast who wants to try drawing.”


Strathmore Learning Series

Quality Art Paper + Superior Instruction = Strathmore’s Learning Series
This innovative line of pads brings you art lessons from the most popular instructors. Each pad includes step-by-step instructions on quality Strathmore paper. Pads also come with follow-along online video tutorials for an integrated learning experience. Paper is very good for pencil, colored pencil, charcoal and sketching stick.
The first 3 products in the Learning Series line feature instruction from Christopher Hart, the world’s bestselling author of how-to-draw books.
Pad Features:
-Pads are wire bound and acid free
-30 lessons per pad
-10 online video tutorials per pad
-8 blank pages for practice
Made in the USA

Click here to see all 3 pads in the Learning Series!

Author: KristinaFjellman

Kristina has worked at Wet Paint for over 10 years and is the current Marketing Manager. She is also an artist, performer, teacher, and generally regarded as a nice person.

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