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Week 12: What’s Your Movement?

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Can you believe this is the last workout?!  Time has flown by and we have enjoyed sharing some of our favorite art movements with all of you, but now it is your turn to share with us!  What is the art movement that has inspired you the most either during this session of workouts or on your own artistic path?  Share something you’ve made that was inspired by an art movement or a specific creative piece, and explain how it has informed your work.

THANK YOU ALL for your participation and interest in the Weekly Workouts again this year.   Liz and I are grateful for your support of us and each other…this group was such a fun part of our responsibilities at Wet Paint this spring!  The “Workout” group will remain active; though there are no future workouts planned, you are encouraged to keep posting on this page if you would like.  All of the past workouts are listed under the Files tab in the Facebook group, so if you get in a rut, look at these for inspiration!

We hope to create with you all again soon – we’re already excited about the Summer Postcard project that’s coming up again in a few months.  Until then, we look forward to seeing you in the store!


Kristina and Liz

Liz Example: Liz has a memory of being 13 years old and visiting the Andy Warhol museum in Pittsburg and buying this image on a t-shirt.  It resonated with the young artist within.  And she went on to major in Art in college (and still makes art!).

Kristina Example: Although I was interested in art growing up (and love the weird Surrealists), I didn’t really see myself as an artist/creator until I started taking some art classes in college.  One of the (many) artists that resonated with me was Robert Rauschenberg and his unique mix of Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art (another two favorite movements).  I love his messy, yet deliberate, abstractions.

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Author: KristinaFjellman

Kristina has worked at Wet Paint for over 10 years and is the current Marketing Manager. She is also an artist, performer, teacher, and generally regarded as a nice person.

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