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Why Wet Paint loves Greg Graham


Greg at the paper counter at Wet Paint

Greg at the paper counter at Wet Paint

Twenty years ago I hired this guy not just with an artist’s attitude but a New York artist’s attitude to boot. I never imagined Greg would turn into a long term employee and be so devoted and committed to Wet Paint, our employees and customers. Greg has grown into a key manager at Wet Paint, keeping the front of the house well stocked and staffed. He is passionate about art materials and loves to share his extensive product knowledge with staff and customers. I am constantly amazed to hear Greg speak of a customer and the products they use; how they use it, and where they are showing their work.


“In Progress” enamel on panel by Gregory Graham

And now Greg’s clientele has the opportunity to view his new work at the Bloomington Theatre and Art Center’s Atrium Gallery. The show includes 60 paintings (yes, 60) ranging in size from 4”x4” to 8”x10” (yes, inches). As a true art supply junkie, they are enamel over acrylic on Ampersand panels. He is currently using the Princeton Select 3750 series of brushes.

So join Greg at the reception for his show this Friday evening, October 4, from 6-8 p.m. I know he will love to see you and talk shop.

Check out his website www.gregorygrahamart.com

Author: DarinRinne

After working at Wet Paint for over 25 years, Darin assumed the role of co-owner in 2017. He looks forward to continuing the commitment to service and support of the community that has defined Wet Paint since 1976.

3 thoughts on “Why Wet Paint loves Greg Graham

  1. He is a great source for artists! He knows what all the materials do and which ones he can show me to get me excited! Between he and Vera and all the other employees, I always know my questions will be answered. I wish him the best at his show, and if I didn’t live so far away (AZ) I would be there with bells on!

  2. Greg is my go to guy when I need technical advise.

    Greg congrats, nice to see you being acknowledged.

  3. Missed the opening b/c I was at the Saint Paul Art Crawl. Can’t wait to see the show. Greg is a great resource for artists, always enthusiastic, always interested in the work. Thank you!

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